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No Insurance? No Problem.

By Zach Collins

Aeroflow Healthcare is renowned for it’s reliable DMEs and excellent customer service. However, most of the business we do is through insurance, Medicare specifically. This can obviously pose a problem for those without insurance who still need healthcare equipment for their homes. So what should a person in that position do?

The Solution

For that very reason, we have Aeroflow Direct, our online store that supplies mobility products, respiratory products, wound therapy equipment and more. Aeroflow Direct carries all of the products you might need through insurance, for amazing prices that won’t break the bank. For some, the choice between medicine and food is a very real thing. We here at Aeroflow aim to make that a distant memory by offering you the best products, for the best deals.

Aeroflow Direct works just like any other online store, giving you clear and concise information that you need to know in order to make your purchase. Product pages have all the information you could ask for, including prices, pictures, product specifications, links to owner’s manuals, and more. It also tells you whether or not a product requires a prescription or not. And if you’re interested in finding out whether or not the product on Aeroflow Direct is offered through insurance or not, we can tell you that, too.

In some cases, Aeroflow Direct offers products that insurance won’t cover, so even if you have insurance but want something bigger and better, you can find what you need, always for the best prices.

Great! Now What Do I Do?

As always, to find out if you qualify for insurance, click here to go to our page and fill out the form, or call us Toll Free at 1-888-345-1780 to speak to our wonderful and qualified representatives. For those without insurance though, visit us at, and find the DME or home health care product you’ve been wanting. What are you waiting for?