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Drive Medical

Brand Feature: Drive Medical

Drive Medical started out in 2000 as an independent company called Medical Depot, Inc. Now it is an international supplier of medical equipment. Many times referred to as “one of the fasted growing global distributors of durable medical equipment”, Drive supplies countries from North and South America to Europe and Asia. Known for all kinds […]

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The importance of resupply

The Importance of Resupply

For patients using CPAP therapy, nebulizer therapy, oxygen therapy, or any other kind of treatment which necessitates regular resupply, the amount of information to keep track of can be daunting. Many patients may often feel as though they are pressured to change out the supplies for their treatment by both their medical equipment provider and […]

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How Your Diet Can Ease Your Back Pain

Many causes of back pain extend beyond the normal bad posture, incorrect lifting techniques, and aging.  Back pain can oftentimes also be caused by stress, lack of exercise, and surprisingly, your diet. But how can what you eat relate back to your back pain? One of the main culprits of extended back pain is inflammation. […]

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Skip the insurance company

Mobility Supplies through Aeroflow Direct

Going through your insurance company to obtain mobility equipment and accessories can be a tedious task. Having to go to the doctor’s office for a prescription, waiting on the correct documentation to be sent the medical equipment company, and only for the company to come back with reasons why you do not meet medical necessity […]

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Common Causes of Back Pain

Choosing the Right Office Chair for Your Back Pain

If you are sitting for 8 hours a day in an office environment you may experience mild to moderate back pain. It may be surprising, but that pain could actually be stemming from your office chair.  An appropriate office chair is the best way to prevent long-term back pain. It is essential to remember there […]

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Traveling with your wheelchair

Flying With Your Wheelchair

The airport can be an intimidating place for anyone. The hustle and bustle of security officers, the continuous beeping of metal detectors, the never-ending line of inpatient patrons; add on that you are sitting a metal frame trying to maneuver in a busy and crowded place, and the airport can become a nightmare. It would […]

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What our patients are saying…
“Aeroflow was wonderful when it came to helping us with our wheelchairs and lift-even showed us how to use the lift. We were very thankful for the friendly and knowledgeable service.”
“I was looking for a power wheelchair for my wife. Aeroflow had a great selection and they were very kind and helpful on the phone. Great people to do business with!”
“I recently bought a Go-GoPower Scooter from Aeroflow and couldn't be happier with its mobility and compact design.The chair is amazing and goes anywhere I want.It was a great experience!”
“My doc referred me to Aeroflow when I needed a sleep test, and I went back when I needed a wheelchair.The service was exceptional! Aeroflow really cares about their customers.”