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Aeroflow Raises Money for Mission Children’s Hospital

Aeroflow Healthcare has raised over $6,100.00 for Mission Foundation in support of Mission Children’s Hospital, and continues to raise more every week.

In order to further their support of local businesses and the Western North Carolina community, Aeroflow Healthcare has implemented fundraising initiatives to assist Mission Children’s Hospital and their goal of providing care to all children, regardless of their family’s ability to pay.

Aeroflow Healthcare, an Asheville based durable medical equipment supplier, has created outlets for each employee to become involved in the company’s fundraising efforts. From weekly donation collections to quarterly events, Aeroflow intends to make philanthropy a core value for the company as a whole, starting with each individual.

“Patient care has always been Aeroflow’s number one priority, we want to ensure that the people of Western North Carolina and beyond are receiving the care they need. By supporting Mission Children’s Hospital, we can help make sure more patients receive the care and treatment they need to be healthy,” said Casey Hite, CEO of Aeroflow Healthcare.

Since the start of July, Aeroflow has made each Friday “Blue Jean Friday”, where employees can wear casual clothing and blue jeans at the cost of $1.00. While the monetary amount to each individual is small, the combined collection for the company adds up every week. 100% of the funds raised through “Blue Jean Friday” goes to Mission Foundation in support of Mission Children’s Hospital.

In addition to their weekly collections, Aeroflow Healthcare has created quarterly events to show their appreciation to their employees, and to raise funds for Mission Children’s Hospital. For this quarter, Aeroflow hosted a company picnic, complete with catered food from local restaurants, an ice cream truck on location, raffle giveaway, and a dunking booth for entertainment. Executives, managers, and team leaders signed up to be the dunking booth victims as their co-workers tested their throwing arms. Balls could be purchased at $2.00 for one or $5.00 for three. Through the company picnic alone, Aeroflow raised $448.00 for Mission Children’s Hospital.

Aeroflow intends to use the combined efforts of its employees and corporate donations to assist Mission Hospitals and the work they are doing for patients across Western North Carolina.

The Future of the Power Wheelchair

Power wheelchair manufacturers constantly work to improve their chairs.  Today, there are several portable wheelchair models that weren’t available 10 years ago.  So what’s next for the power wheelchair?  Let’s take a look.

Carrier Robotic Wheelchair

The power wheelchair is designed to improve the user’s mobility and independence; however, it does have limitations. One of those is climbing stairs. However, this problem can be fixed by futuristic power chairs such as the Carrier, a robotic wheelchair.  Yes, robotic. With features such as stair climbing capabilities and tank-like tracks instead of wheels, this concept wheelchair has great features to improve user experience. The Carrier power wheelchair also allows users to rise to a standing position and transfer to the toilet without moving from the chair.  This feature, and others similar to it, has the potential to enhance the user’s independence tremendously and will hopefully be on the market in the near future.

Other concepts focus on integrating technology such as monitors, keyboards, and speakers to improve the user’s ability to utilize their favorite technology.  These features provide an exciting opportunity for users to finally put aside the worry of pulling up to a desk or holding a laptop in their lap. Below is a photo of a concept chair designed by Mauricio Maeda to capture the future of power chair technology integration.

Mauricio Maeda wheelchair concept

The future of the power wheelchair is also looking smaller and lighter; a great improvement for users who need something to maneuver through various door sizes with portability. One power chair concept that offers great versatility is the TEK Robotic Mobilization Device, pictured below. This chair is only 14 inches wide and 24 inches long. These dimensions are achieved because the chair allows the user to move while in a standing position. The increased mobility allows users to get through the smallest doors and to reach items they can’t in a seated position.

TEK Robotic  Mobilization Device

The future may also provide power chair users in urban areas a means of improved transportation. Concepts such as the PUMA, pictured below, will allow wheelchair confined users to independently commute distances farther and faster. PUMA, and chairs with similar designs, is capable of getting 35 miles from one charge.  However, this is expected to increase quickly to 50 miles per charge once developed.  Personal urban mobility devices will also come with technology that provides parking information, charge rates, coffee shop locations, and advanced smart device integration.

PUMA Experimental Wheelchair

In the future, power wheelchair users will have more independence, increased mobility and easier access to their favorite technology. Not only is the future bright for users, but it is also encouraging for suppliers who we will have the opportunity to improve their patient’s quality of life.

If you’re interested in seeing power wheelchairs that are currently available, please visit Aeroflow Healthcare’s website and contact us for details on purchasing. You may also qualify to receive your mobility device through insurance at little-to-no cost to you. Simply complete our Qualify Through Insurance form and one of our Patient Care Representatives will verify your insurance and contact you to discuss your coverage and mobility options.

Product Feature: Pride Jazzy 1450

The Jazzy 1450 power wheelchair features a front-wheel drive suspension giving you the smoothest drive possible for a power chair with a 600 lb. weight capacity. Available in either candy apple red or viper blue with various seat styles and sizes, including seat widths up to 32″, the Pride Jazzy 1450 power wheelchair is a great choice for anyone dealing with mobility issues.

Why We Like the Pride Jazzy 1450

For a 600 lb. weight capacity power wheelchair, the Pride Jazzy 1450 is economically priced and feature rich, giving you value without sacrificing quality or performance. The 1450’s unique design delivers high performance operation, indoors and out. The chair is very durable and is made to handle the outdoor terrain as well as a heavier weight capacity. This chair is a top-seller of Aeroflow Healthcare for patients who need a very heavy-duty power chair but still want the chair to fit in their home.

What Makes This Device Different

Front-wheel drive power wheelchairs provide a smooth ride and are an excellent choice for traversing obstacles or various terrains. The high-performance, high-efficiency motor package of the Pride Jazzy 1450 supports a driving range of up to 12 miles and speeds up to 4.5 mph – a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor uses. Click here to view the full information on the Jazzy 1450.

Below you can see all the specific characters of the Pride Jazzy 1450:


Model Jazzy 1450
Weight Capacity 600 lbs.
Turning Radius 26.5″
Width 29.25″
Length 38.25″
Maximum Speed* Up to 4.5 mph
Ground Clearance 1.5″
Front Wheels 4″ solid anti-tips
Drive Wheels 14″ solid
Rear Wheels 9″ casters
Drivetrain Two-motor, front-wheel drive
Braking System Regenerative and electro-mechanical
Suspension Type Swing Arm
Standard Electronics 90A, PG VR2
Battery Size 12 volt, Group 24 (2 required)
Standard Battery Charger 8A, off-board
Per-Charge Range* Up to 12 miles
Battery Weight 52 lbs. each
Base Weight 195 lbs.
Standard Seat Weight 51.5 lbs. (high-back)
Standard Seat Size 24″ x 24″
Medicare Code Coverage Very Heavy Duty (K0826/K0827


How most patients rate the 1450

Most all patients rate the Pride Jazzy 1450 a 5 out of 5, and rate the features and qualities of the chair as 5 out of 5 as well. Many patients comment that the chair is very well built, it is sturdy and the seat is very comfortable and adjustable. Having such a large chair that is completely sturdy yet still remains comfortable and adjustable, is why patients pick this heavy duty chair over others on the market.