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Extended Service Plan and Warranty Information

Aeroflow Healthcare carries a wide selection of powered mobility devices designed to keep our patients mobile and independent. Making the decision to purchase a power wheelchair or scooter can be a big commitment and we want all of out patients to get the right equipment at the right price. Aeroflow Healthcare offers powered mobility devices as patient pay options or our patients can qualify through insurance. We accept most insurance plans and will work with you to help file your claim. When purchasing new equipment, many of our patients want to know more about the warranty and what it will cover.

It is important to take care of your equipment to ensure that it runs properly, but if you notice something that is not normal wear and tear it might be something that can be repaired under the warranty. Aeroflow Healthcare carries a wide selection of powered wheelchairs from Pride Mobility. Many of these chairs have the same warranty plan including the Jazzy Select, Jazzy Select 6 , Jazzy Select 6 Ultra, Jazzy Select Elite, Jazzy Select 14, Jazzy Select Traveler, Jazzy 614, Jazzy 614 HD, and the Z-Chair. Having the same warranty plan for most of the power chairs from Drive Mobility makes it easy for you to know what will be covered.

The main frame and seat post are covered by Pride with a five-year limited warranty. Pride will work with Aeroflow repair or replace these parts for five years from the date of purchase. There is a thirteen month limited warranty for electronic components including charger assembly, controller and joystick. The thirteen month limited warranty also applies for main frame assemblies including anti-tip forks, metal sear framing, caster forms and accessories as well as other components including electronic function on breaks, bearings and bushings, electrical harness, motor assembly, plastic components (excluding body) and front rigging mounting brackets. Batteries for these power chairs come with a six month warranty.

When looking in to warranty information with Pride power chairs, as well as any products from Aeroflow Healthcare, please keep in mind that there may be exclusions to what the warranty will cover. With power chairs there are some parts that will have normal wear and tear and will not be covered like the break pads, tires and tubes and the upholstery and seating. If you purchase a power chair from Aeroflow Healthcare, contact us for any questions or concerns you have about your equipment. The friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to ensure that you have a great experience with great equipment.