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Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Services

Whether you have a short-term injury or a long term condition, having impaired mobility does not mean having to give up a lifestyle and hobbies that you love. Investing in a power wheelchair or mobility scooter will keep you out and about in secure, reliable equipment. If you are no longer able to drive, you will find yourself wondering how you will be able to get to and from places and events that you enjoy attending. Many taxi services offer wheelchair accessible vehicles that will allow you to travel safely to the places you love.

Portable Mobility Equipment

While some mobility equipment requires a vehicle lift, many scooters and power wheelchairs come in a compact design that is easy to fold and store — like the Victory 3-Wheel Scooter. Compact mobility equipment allows you to tow your scooter or power chair, which makes travel much easier. While compact equipment is a great option for many, it will not be sufficient for everyone, depending on their individual mobility needs.

Taxi Services Offered

For those who need more substantial power mobility equipment, a wheelchair accessible taxi service will be there for you when you need to travel. There are many cities that offer wheelchair accessible taxi services, and many of these services are willing to travel to assist those who live in more remote areas. This comprehensive list of wheelchair accessible taxicabs will keep you up to date on wheelchair accessible services in your area such as North Bay Taxi and Wheelchair which offers vehicles with wheelchair lifts in the Northern California area, or A-1 Wheelchair Patient Transport which serves the Charlotte, North Carolina area. If you do not see your local area listed, try contacting local taxi services in your area for further assistance in locating a taxi service that can suit your needs.

Do You Need a Power Wheelchair or Scooter?

If you or a loved one has suffered from impaired mobility, contact Aeroflow Healthcare today to find reliable mobility equipment that will give you peace of mind and independence. Do not let impaired mobility keep you cooped up at home — contact a wheelchair accessible taxi service in your area and get back to visiting the places you love to go!

Scout Power Scooters – Choose 3 Wheels or 4!

Having impaired mobility should not mean having to stay cooped up inside all the time and never getting to do the things you enjoy. Many individuals find freedom and independence again by adding mobility equipment to their everyday lives. Aeroflow Healthcare will work with you or your loved ones to find a great manual wheelchair, power wheelchair or power scooter that will fit your mobility needs.

Many prefer the solid stability of a power scooter over a power wheelchair. A scooter offers a comfortable seat and armrests and gives you control with the steering handles. The new Scout Compact Travel Power Scooter comes in a 3 Wheel and 4 Wheel option that allows you to choose the perfect fit to suit your lifestyle.

Scout 3 Wheel Travel Power Scooter

The 3 wheeled option comes with a comfortable and ergonomic design that makes use easy for someone with limited strength in their hands. With non-marking, anti-tip wheels, you can travel freely indoors without having to worry about your safety. A storage basket comes standard with this scooter so that you can bring along any important items that you might need when you are out. The lightweight design is easy to disassemble for travel and storage so that you can spend less time concerned about storing your scooter and more time doing the things you love.

Get Outdoors with a 4 Wheel Scout Scooter

For those who love the outdoors, the 4 wheeled Scout Compact Travel Scooter is a great option for you. Easily traverse through outdoor terrain in a scooter designed to keep you comfortable and secure, indoors and out. Adjustable armrests and seat heights will allow you to customize your scooter in a way that fits your individual comfort needs. Using the quick connect battery for easy and fast charging will allow you to spend your time out and about instead of stuck waiting for your battery to charge. Feel confident and safe in this stylish design that will keep you on the go.

Free Shipping

Do not let impaired mobility keep you from doing the things you love. Aeroflow Healthcare ships your mobility equipment directly to you, free of charge. Equipment can be purchased through insurance or out of pocket — whatever works for you. Contact Aeroflow Healthcare to purchase your new mobility equipment today and get back to living a worry-free and independent lifestyle.

The New Nitro Elite CF Carbon Fiber Walker Rollator

If you or a loved one has impaired mobility, then you understand the struggle of trying to find the right equipment to stay mobile while you are out and about. While some may be able to use a cane, you might find that it is not always the most stable or safe option. Others may need a manual wheelchair, but individuals who can still walk with some assistance prefer to keep their independence and stay on their feet as long as they can.

Perks of a Walker/Rollator

A great option for someone who can still move freely on their feet but who prefers the security of two handles is a walker or rollator. A rollator comes with two handles, similar to a walker, but it offers added protection with a braking mechanism and a built-in seat for when you need to take a break.

The New Nitro Elite by Drive

The Nitro Elite CF Carbon Fiber Walker Rollator is a top of the line luxury rollator that offers maximum stability in a sleek design. This rollator is lightweight and easy to use with its carbon fiber frame and adjustable handle height. The built-in seat offers a durable and comfortable place to sit and will give you peace of mind knowing that it is built to last. You will maneuver easily through crowds and tight spaces with an enhanced turning radius.

Beyond its stylish design, the Nitro Elite offers a ton of great features that make it stand out:

  • Lightweight carbon fiber frame
  • Weighs 12 lbs. for swift and effortless mobility
  • Zippered storage bag stays sealed and in place when rollator is open or closed
  • Brake cable is inside of the metal frame
  • Easily adjust handle height
  • Caster fork design enhances turning radius
  • 10″ front casters help the user steer properly and add comfort
  • Fold the rollator with a simple one-hand handle located under the seat
  • Cross-brace design allows for side-to-side folding and stability
  • Durable and comfortable seat
  • EZ clip cane holder with HurryCane™ compatible platform

Feel Safe & Confident

If you are looking for a rollator for a loved one, the Nitro Elite CF Carbon Fiber Walker Rollator will give you peace of mind knowing that anyone can easily store the equipment with the one-hand folding handle. Your loved ones will feel safe and confident using this stylish rollator at home or out and about. The Nitro Elite CF Carbon Fiber Walker Rollator comes with a 5-year warranty on brakes and the handle housing, which will allow you to spend less time shopping for mobility equipment and more time doing the things you love.

Purchase or Qualify through Insurance

Do not let safety concerns or unsightly designs keep you cooped up when you have impaired mobility. Find style and security with a new Nitro Elite CF Carbon Fiber Walker Rollator that will get you out of the house and back to the places you love. With Aeroflow Healthcare, mobility equipment can be purchased out of pocket or you can qualify through insurance for your purchases. Gain back your freedom and confidence with a new mobility equipment purchase, contact Aeroflow Healthcare today to get started.

10 Ways the WheelMate App Makes Your Life Easier

Modern technology has made life for everyone a lot easier with the use of apps. Some of the more strange apps can help you do anything from connect with others in your town in need of a hug to getting a fake phone call from a friend when out on a date gone bad. However, there are more useful apps that are being made every day for those using power wheelchairs. One of which is WheelMate, the app that helps you find clean, accessible toilets and parking spaces when traveling.

Ten Awesome Perks of the WheelMate App

Not convinced that a smartphone app can make your life in a wheelchair or scooter just a little bit easier? Here are ten reasons why you need to download the WheelMate app today:

  1. Travel more. Life is meant to be lived – even when doing it from a wheelchair. The WheelMate app gives you the freedom to go just about anywhere you choose.
  2. Plan ahead. Whether you want to try out a new restaurant around the corner from your home or are taking a weekend drive to visit family, this app will help you to plan your road trip as early as possible.
  3. Peace of mind. It’s one thing to hear that a store has an accessible bathroom. It’s another thing to see that a location is verified by several other wheelchair users who can relate to you.
  4. Improved quality of life. This is an app that is not only convenient, but it can make your day a lot brighter.
  5. Experience independence. Everyone wants to be able to move about as they please without having to feel like they have to depend on others for help. This app helps you to do more things for yourself.
  6. Rate and comment on places listed in the app. Smartphone app technology is all about being connected to others in your community. Had a positive or negative experience? Share your thoughts right in the app!
  7. Share your own gems you find in the app. It’s great to share undiscovered gems with others in the app.
  8. Know the hours of operation. Nothing is worse than traveling to find an appropriate bathroom or parking facility only to find that the place is closed. The WheelMate app lists hours of operation when possible.
  9. Pay locations. Some locations require that you pay for bathroom or parking space use. This app will allow you to know this information beforehand so there are no surprises.
  10. Print a list of places for your convenience. If you enjoy having a printed itinerary to add to your trip plans, then you will find the print feature to be an added bonus.

With so many apps out there that are created more for entertainment value, how many can you say are apps you can use on a regular basis to make your life easier? Don’t forget to download the free WheelMate app for your iOS and Android devices.