Healthy Ways to Prevent Lower Back Injuries


tips to prevent lower back pain If you’ve ever found yourself laying in bed in pain after trying to lift a heavy object or twisting the wrong way, then you’ve probably wondered how you could prevent another painful lower back injury. Fortunately, you don’t need to avoid physical exertion for the rest of your life to protect your back. Just follow these four simple tips to stay pain-free!

Maintain Good Posture

If you’re always slouching or hunching over your desk, then you’re putting unnecessary pressure on your spine, which can end up hurting your back by constricting blood vessels and nerves. Good posture will maintain the natural curvature of your spine to help prevent a back injury.

Unfortunately, it can be tough to remember to sit up straight all day at work, so a great option is to use an ergonomically designed chair that will support your spine. You could also invest in a standing desk since sitting tends to put more pressure on your back and your spine.

Take Care When Lifting Heavy Objects

Have you ever heard the phrase, “lift with your legs, not your back”? If you want to avoid a painful back injury then remember that lifting properly requires a bit of forethought. First, stand close to the object you want to carry. After you’ve taken hold of the object, rise up by keeping your back straight and straightening your knees.

Another great option to protect your back during heavy lifting sessions is to wear a back brace. A back brace will support and stabilize the lower back to prevent the overstraining of vulnerable muscles. At the same time, a back brace can be used to lessen low back pain if you have already strained your back.

Keep Fit

Having weak core muscles can cause lower back pain by making the other muscles that support your spine work harder. The solution is to strengthen your core muscles by engaging in low-impact cardio and targeted weight training exercises that will build strength in your core.

Remember not to go crazy with any type of fitness program. If your back is already vulnerable to injury, then doing deadlifts without a warmup or an intense session of box jumps in your crossfit class won’t be doing your back any favors.

In addition, eat a nutritious diet to keep your weight in check. Excess weight has been known to put additional pressure on your back, especially if that weight accumulates around your middle.

Avoid Becoming a Couch Potato

Humans were designed to move, so the switch to our current sedentary lifestyles has had some negative repercussions for our backs. At work, get up every 30 minutes to take stroll to the water cooler. And if you’re traveling, make sure to get out of your seat to stretch your legs and your back. Also, consider using a lumbar support pillow to help maintain proper spinal alignment during uncomfortable flights and bus rides.

Overall, there is a lot you can do to prevent lower back injuries from occurring. All it takes it a bit of forethought and some healthy lifestyle shifts to keep your back pain-free and strong.

Financing Plans Available When Purchasing Your Power Scooter or Wheelchair

Aeroflow Healthcare is excited to announce that financing is now an option for your new power scooter or wheelchair.  If you are someone who has been hesitant to move forward with getting your equipment due to a large price tag, the new financing options are just what you are looking for.  The financing plans are offered through Affirm with an easy and secure process that will give you instant approval.  Affirm works with nearly any credit rating and approves around 80% of financing plans.

Setting up your financing plan is simple and easy.  When you are checking out at Aeroflow Healthcare you will see three choices listed under payment information: Credit Card, Buy with Monthly Payments, and PayPal.   To set up financing you will select “Buy with Monthly Payments” after completing the check out process you will then be directed to the Affirm where you will fill out some basic information including your mobile number.  You will need a mobile number in order to receive a secure PIN number.  Once you input your information you will immediately see your approval and three payment plan options. Affirm offers 3, 6, or 12 month payment plans, you will see each monthly payment amount listed as well as the monthly interest rate.  Once you have made your payment plan options, a text message with a PIN number will be sent to your mobile phone.  You will then enter the PIN number and complete the check out process.

Starting a monthly financing plan is secure and safe.  With Aeroflow Healthcare, the only requirement to use financing is that your purchase must be a minimum of $100.  Once you have completed the checkout process your item will be shipped.  The process is immediate and you do not have to wait for any paperwork before you can get your new power scooter or power wheelchair.  If you do not have access to a computer our friendly customer service representatives are happy to assist you in the financing process over the phone at 844-686-5539. Please note that you will still need to provide a cell phone number in order to receive the secure PIN number to finalize your purchase.

Don’t let the price of a power scooter or wheelchair control your freedom. The great financing options will allow you to customize payments that will fit into your budget. Take your mobility freedom into your own hands and get a great power scooter or wheelchair with Aeroflow Healthcare today!

Range of a Fully Charged Power Wheelchair

Here at Aeroflow Healthcare, we offer many different types of powered mobility devices designed to suit your needs.  With everything from heavy duty options, such as the Jazzy 1450 Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair, to smaller and lighter options like the Jazzy Sport Portable. With many different options, our customers are able to hand-pick a power wheelchair designed to help with their specific health conditions and lifestyle. When purchasing a new power wheelchair, one of main questions people ask is, “What is the range of a fully charged power wheelchair?” An average rule of thumb is about 15 miles per charge, but that number could be more or less depending on your individual circumstance. There are many different factors that will determine how long your chair will stay charged that will differ for everyone with a power wheelchair.

Some main factors that affect your power wheelchair’s battery life are your weight, the temperature, and whether or not you are on level ground. For example, someone who weighs 160 pounds traveling on a mild day, on flat land will get a longer battery life than someone who weighs 260 pounds, traveling over hills on a cold day. While there may not be an exact answer for how long your battery will stay charged, there are some tips to prolong the charge of your battery. One of the easiest ways to get more out of your power scooter or wheelchair is to ensure that the batteries are fully charged before leaving for the day.  A full charge can take anywhere from 8 to 12 hours, and charging for the full time will help you participate in activities longer.

Another way to extend your power scooter or wheelchair battery is to replace both batteries at the same time. Many people think that they will extend the life of an old battery by placing a new battery with it, but the result is actually the opposite.  Your new battery will drain quicker, causing you to replace batteries more frequently.  If you are in need of replacement batteries, contact our knowledgeable staff via phone, email, chat or mail and we will help you get started.

No matter what your mobility needs, we are here to help find the right equipment for you at Aeroflow Healthcare.  Our patients have the option to purchase items out of pocket, or you may Qualify Through Insurance for your equipment with just a few easy steps. Let us know if you have any additional questions about the range of a fully charged power wheelchair. Call or visit our site today to get started with your new mobility purchase!

Choosing Upgrades for a Power Wheelchair

When shopping for a power wheelchair, it doesn’t take long to realize there are many options and upgrades for power wheelchairs. Lots of questions develop and you feel a little overwhelmed, but this is all very normal. There are some important things to keep in mind when considering your upgrades for a power wheelchair.  Some options to consider before ordering your wheelchair:

  • Consider whether your power chair will be used for indoors, outdoors or both? Will your vehicle need a ramp or a lift? Do you have specific needs such as adjustments to seat or back rest?  Is there room in your budget for comfort options or do you need to stick to a standard with your personal requirements?
  • Seating – This part of the chair is most important as far as comfort. You are going to spend a lot of time in the seat, so make sure it is the right one for you.  Know that due to the amount of time you sit in the chair, the seat cushions will need to be replaced more often than other parts, though they can usually be washed, which is a plus.  Test out seat cushions if you get the opportunity.
  • Tires – Depending on your need, it matters what of the kinds of tires you choose. The first kind of tire is the pneumatic, or air filled tires.  Just like the ones on your car, they are great over multiple surfaces, but can puncture, and need maintenance.  The second type is known as foam-filled and requires far less maintenance because they do not puncture, but they are less comfortable on rough surfaces.
  • Batteries – There are several types of batteries to choose from, and again, depending on your individual needs, any of these batteries will do. Some are lower maintenance and spill proof with a higher cost for this convenience, and some are more like the batteries we see in other vehicles, which cost less, but need more maintenance.   Make sure you speak with your provider to go over the different types of batteries and which one may be best for you.

When considering upgrades for a power wheelchair, it is important to be aware that there are so many options out there to increase your comfort, mobility and overall quality of life.  One great place to start looking is to go through your health insurance, or Aeroflow Direct, if you prefer to pay cash.  We have knowledgeable staff members who can answer your questions.  Just call 888-345-1780 and select option two.  Let’s get you going in the right direction for a power wheelchair!

Shower Seats

When you have impaired mobility it is important to have the right safety precautions in your home and especially your bathroom.  The bathroom can be one of the most dangerous places for someone to slip and fall.  Here at Aeroflow Healthcare we put out patient’s safety first and one of the easiest ways to make your bathroom safer is to invest in a shower seat. Aeroflow Healthcare carries several different types of shower seats so that you can find one that best fits your lifestyle.  A shower seat can greatly improve the quality of life for someone who finds it difficult to stand for the 10-15 minutes it takes to shower.

Someone who suffers from chronic joint pain, arthritis or limited mobility would benefit from using a shower seat. If you have limited space in your bathtub or shower, a Backless Shower Chair is a great option.  The backless shower chair is adjustable and fits in most standard tubs and showers and is designed to hold up to 500 pounds.

All shower seats come standard with drainage holes to reduce slipping and a durable and corrosion proof frame. Investing in a shower seat will give you the confidence to shower independently by providing comfort and stability.  Aeroflow Healthcare patients have the option to purchase items as self-pay with private pay options and payment plans, or you can qualify through insurance for your purchase.   All items over $49 come with free shipping and we have a 30 day return policy for unused and packaged items. Shower seats do not require a prescription so you will not need to see your physician before placing an order.  All items are shipped directly to you and assembly is quick and easy.  Call out customer support team toll free at 1-888-660-9714 or visit us at today to get started.

The Most Popular Accessories for Power Wheelchair or Scooter

Anyone who uses a power wheelchair or scooter knows that after a while, it would be nice to have a place to safely store items when they travel from place to place. Going to the grocery store or to visit family, for example, can be a easier when you have the right accessories you need on your power chair or scooter. Sometimes a power chair or scooter seems more personalized when you have the accessories that suite you! Here are some ideas from Aeroflow Direct for the most popular accessories available for a power chair or scooter.

For those who also use a cane or crutch in addition to your power chair, you might consider the crutch/cane holder. This item makes is so easy to keep your cane with you when you use your power chair or scooter.  It attaches to the back of the seat so it does not impede on your travel, but is still close enough to grab your cane and go when you need to.

Another popular suggestion is the armrest bag for your scooter or power chair. This product makes it easy to keep several items like a phone, book, glasses case, or other items you want to keep nearby.  There is also built-in padding on top for you to have increased comfort when simply using the armrest.

Every power chair and scooter is battery powered and periodically needs to be charged.  Knowing this, we can provide chargers that are small enough to be placed in the armrest bag or even the baskets.  For the convenience of the rider, these chargers can provide power to the battery whether it is on or off.

If you have a power chair or scooter and you want to personalize, or add accessories to, check out the wheel chair accessories at Aeroflow Direct. If you have any questions, feel free to call 888-345-1780 and select option 2 to speak with a knowledgeable staff member who will make the process of acquiring these accessories even easier!

Preventing Weak Ankles for a Healthier Life

Unless there is a painful or restricting issue, we don’t put a lot of thought into our ankles. However, when you think about it, we cannot stand, walk, run, dance or get very far without them. Keeping your ankles in healthy condition not only keeps you moving, it can keep you healthy because of that movement. We all know how important exercise is to overall health and with good strong ankles and legs, we can do a wider variety of exercises, including the one they say is best for you consistently, and that is walking. Much research has been done to show that even walking for just 20 minutes every day not only benefits your waistline, but your heart, your blood sugar levels and improves sleep. Below are some helpful tips and advice to prevent weak ankles from harming your overall health.

Strong Ankles Help Prevent Falls

Another very important idea behind keeping your ankles healthy is to prevent falls. Approximately one-third of people over 65 suffer falls at least once a year. This leads to medical examinations, physical therapy, financial strain and pain that may become chronic. As well as injuring the ankles, these falls can injure the shoulders, hips or head, depending on how the fall occurs. Even fear of falling sometimes reduces the amount of walking someone will do, and that will not help improve overall health! So, how can we prevent this? Don’t neglect your ankles.

Strength and Conditioning Exercises 

Here are some exercises that may increase the strength of the ankles, and therefore, reduce the chances of falling, and ALL of them can be done in the comfort of your own home.

  • Sit with your legs extended in front of you. Flex your foot so that your toes are pointing toward you, then point them away from you.
  • Sitting on a chair, lift your heels up while keeping your toes on the floor. Hold for a few seconds, then lower and repeat.
  • From a seated position, loop a resistance band around the top of your foot then, keeping your leg straight; pull the ends of the band toward you to flex your ankle and foot. Hold and repeat.
  • Place a towel on the floor in front of you. While sitting in a chair, use only your toes to scrunch the towel and lift it up. Switch feet and repeat.

Be Mindful of Your Surroundings

Is your home cleared of clutter and well lit? These are two more ways to help your ankles. If you can see where you are going in your home and do not have to jump over items that should not be on the floor, you will have a safer environment for your ankles and reduce falls. How about your footwear? Make sure you wear supportive shoes that can be easily secured, and with ankle support, like hiking boots, you are giving your ankles extra support. Simply put, taking care of yourself includes taking care of your ankles. If not, you really may not even realize they are there until you are hurt.

Improve Your Ankle Strength Today

If you do find yourself in ankle pain or in need of an ankle brace, Aeroflow Healthcare can help you get a medical brace to provide comfort and support while your body heals. View a sampling of our selection of ankle and knee braces here and fill out our Qualify Through Insurance Form or call an Aeroflow Healthcare representative at 844-6886-5539 to get started today.

Give the Gift of Mobility for the Holidays

As we age, the number of people we know with mobility challenges increases. Anyone can suffer from the pain of injuries and can benefit from a device that will enable them to get around more like they used to. You may have a mother or grandmother who needs assistance walking. Your father or grandfather may have severe back pain from years of working in a dangerous job or living with arthritis. At Aeroflow Healthcare, our mobility division is focused on just this, helping people get around with less pain and restriction. With the Holidays in the air, why not consider helping someone you know by improving their mobility?

Maybe you are unaware of the wide array of products offered by Aeroflow Mobility. Here is a great place to get to know our mobility offerings. We provide devices from knee braces to automotive lifts and so many helpful items in between.   Have a look at our easily navigated mobility website and in doing so, you may well think of people in your life that can use some of these products.

For those who may suffer sports injuries, have arthritis or need support after surgery, you may like to see our selection of knee and back braces. The most popular back braces we offer are lightweight, built with moisture-deterring materials and made to stay cool while being worn. The Aspen Horizon 627 LO, for example, provides excellent support and pain relief, while having the lowest profile design of all Horizon products.

In the area of knee braces, the most popular item is the Delco Hinged Knee Brace, which provides a fully customizable experience. This brace features an open-wrap design that is easy to put on and wear for long periods of time.

Don’t forget, Aeroflow Healthcare offers a variety of other mobility items such as our power wheelchairs and scooters, items for bathroom assistance and safety, canes and walkers, hospital beds and ramps all designed with improved movement in mind. Think about your loved ones who have difficulty living they way they want to live, and consider improving their lives with a mobility device from Aeroflow Healthcare. The happiness you create will last long into the future.

If you or a loved one may be interested in receiving a mobility assistive device, please fill out our Qualify Through Insurance form or call a Patient Care Representative at 844-686-5539.

Aeroflow’s Respiratory Services

Aeroflow’s Respiratory Services

Aeroflow has an entire supply of respiratory services to meet the needs of a variety of patients. Aeroflow’s mission statement is, “Ensuring quality care from the first breath of life to the last; we will be there every step of the way.” Aeroflow Healthcare is recognized as a premier provider of durable medical equipment (DME) and service in the Southeast, and continues to grow nationwide. We pride ourselves on offering quality equipment and the best in personal customer service. Patients and physicians nationwide are choosing Aeroflow as their provider for home oxygen, nebulizers, and even CPAP equipment and supplies.


Aeroflow have an entire supply of respiratory services to meet the needs of all patients in need. Oxygen therapy has many health benefits when used properly; most notably, oxygen is the only therapy that has been shown to significantly improve life expectancy in COPD patients with low oxygen levels. Long-term oxygen may also be needed in patients with: severe or chronic asthma, cystic fibrosis, pulmonary vascular disease, chronic heart failure, chronic hypoxemia, interstitial lung disease, primary pulmonary hypertension, OSA and more. Aeroflow continually tests our oxygen against FDA standards to ensure patients receive only the highest quality, cleanest oxygen. Pairing this high-quality oxygen with quick delivery ensures treatment plans are successful.


Aeroflow offers the latest in home nebulizer equipment, featuring better treatment times while maintaining efficient medication delivery. A nebulizer is your best choice when using a breathing machine to deliver respiratory medications for treating asthma, chronic bronchitis, and infection of the upper respiratory tract, COPD emphysema and allergies. Aeroflow Healthcare provides nebulizers that adjust to the patient’s breathing pattern, so you get just the right amount of medication to your lungs. A quality, long-lasting nebulizer can make a lasting impact on a patient’s wellness and treatment plan.

Trilogy Ventilator

The Trilogy ventilator by Philips Respironics is light, versatile, and easy to use. This machine offers portable volume and pressure support, with proven BiPAP technology, and therapy can be utilized either invasively or non-invasively. The use of Trilogy ensures a smooth, effective transition from the acute care setting to home and helps avoid hospital readmissions. An Aeroflow Respiratory Therapist will perform a patient assessment to determine appropriate follow up needed, provide onsite training and education in the hospital and at home, will design a follow up plan for each patient based on the level of critical care, compliance, and family cooperation, and offers live 24-hour customer support. Aeroflow will also provide clinical reporting to the patient’s physician with ventilator reports and clinical notes.

How to get Respiratory Systems through Aeroflow?

You may qualify for your oxygen or nebulizer at little-to-no cost to you through insurance.

To find out if you qualify for your equipment through insurance, simply complete Aeroflow Healthcare’s Qualify Through Insurance form. Once submitted, our Patient Care Representatives will work closely with your healthcare provider and insurance company to get your treatment options delivered to you.

If you do not want to use your insurance for respiratory services but your still in need of the products Aeroflow can have them delivered to your home. Aeroflow has created a user friendly patient pay site for you shop and choose all the healthcare equipment you need, please visit to view all the respiratory products that are available for purchase.

Power Wheelchair Repairs

Anytime an item such as a car, lawn motor, or computer needs repairs it normally is an inconvenience and frustrating experience for the owner of the equipment. If you’ve experienced repair needs for your power wheelchair you understand how frustrating the repairs process can be. Having to deal with the hassle of getting repairs on any device let alone your power wheelchair is not a “fun” process for anyone involved. Here at Aeroflow, we try to make the repair experience as pleasant and as smooth as possible.

How long do power wheelchair repairs take?

As you might imagine, some power wheelchair repairs can take longer than others. Depending on the issue the repair tech may have to order parts for your device and then we have to wait for the parts to come in to replace them on your chair. Sometimes our Mobility Representatives are able to resolve the problem by giving you instructions over the phone on how to fix the issue. With that being said a tech from Aeroflow will call you within 48 hours of your repair inquiry or question.

My power wheelchair requires extensive repair. Now what?

If our Mobility Representatives are unable to help, we take a detailed account of the issue and relay that information to our Repairs Department. Should it be something that you are not able to correct with assistance from the Repairs Department, such as an electrical failure, we will need to send someone out to evaluate the wheelchair. We contract with repair providers across the country so that we can get to you as soon as possible. A well trained technician will come to your house to diagnose and hopefully fix the malfunction. There are some issues that require we take the power wheelchair back to the warehouse to perform extensive repairs. In these cases a loaner chair may be provided, depending on your insurance and the age of your chair. Other times the issue may be with the manufacture themselves. We work directly with Pride and Drive, there are times that the issue you are having is under warranty. For example if you had a problem with the frame or drivetrain of your power wheelchair depending on how old your chair is Pride or Drive would be responsible for the replacement. You can visit the sites above to see exactly what is under warranty for each device you have. This information is also in the handbook that comes with your new chair upon delivery. We know that without your power wheelchair you are extremely limited in your mobility. It is important to us that you get back to your normal routine; it is equally important that we get the job done right. Research and skill goes into the repair process. Be patient with us as this can sometimes be a lengthy process.


Most Common Repair: Batteries

If you received your PWC less than a year to today’s date, please be aware that you are not due for batteries until your PWC is at least a year old. With that being said there are some insurance companies that will pay for the batteries after 6 months. Please contact us and we will get an order from your doctor and then we will sent a request to your insurance to have them pay for a set of new batteries for you. If your insurance provider will not cover the cost of new batteries than you may be able to purchase the batteries out of pocket. Contact our E-Commerce Representative for assistance.


How do I get in touch with you?

If you have any questions or concerns about power wheelchair repairs give us a call at 888-345-1780. We are ready and willing to assist you through the process. We can also help you or a loved one qualify for a power wheelchair through insurance. Simply fill out our contact form and we will take care of the rest. We look forward to hearing from you!