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Increase Safety in the Bathroom with our Bathing Products

Is safety in the bathroom an issue for you? Do you dread going into the bathroom for fear of falling? Are you finding it difficult to bathe independently? Do you have to sponge bathe yourself regularly because you’ve previously fallen from transferring into the bath tub?

If you are answering yes to one or more of these questions, let Aeroflow Healthcare help to make your bathroom a safe and accessible room again with our selection of safety bathroom equipment. From nonslip bathmats, shower chairs, and grab bars to transfer benches and bedside commodes, we have the equipment you need to feel safe and comfortable in your own home.

According to, about 80% of all falls reported by seniors age 65 and older, occur in the bathroom. This means 8 out of every 10 falls will occur in the bathroom. The danger of serious injury is greatly increased due to the hard, slippery surfaces and corners you could potentially hit when falling when your bathroom.

Here are few tips to follow to ensure you avoid becoming part of these unpleasant statistics and to help maintain safety in the bathroom:

  • Place nonslip mats at your bathroom sink, in front of your toilet, and in front of your bathtub. This will improve your ability to stand independently. A bath mat inside the tub is a good idea as well, since the bathtub floor is usually a very slippery and often dangerous surface. If you have a deep bathtub, consider a bath step like this one to assist with getting in and out of the tub safely.
  • Another accessory that can be added for safety in the bathroom is a grab bar. These can be mounted to the wall or attached to the side of your bathtub while bathing and removed when not in use. It is important not to confuse these rails with towel racks. Towel racks are not made to support the weight that grab bars can sustain. Using a towel rack could result in a fall and severe injury. Our selections of bath and shower rails can be viewed here.
  • Transfer benches and shower chairs can also offer a great deal of safety in the bathroom. If you have difficultly transferring to and from a standard chair in the living area you will most likely have trouble transferring to and from the bathtub or toilet. A simple transfer bench like this one can allow safe transfer to and from the bathtub. It allows you the comfort of sitting and simply lifting your legs over the brim of the tub so you do not risk falling from unsteady footing.

Raised toilet seat

The bathroom is a frequently visited room and one where you should be able to experience privacy without the expense of safety. To view all of the products that Aeroflow Healthcare can provide to help increase your safety in the bathroom, visit our website. Also feel free to give us a call at 888-345-1780; our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to help and suggest possible solutions to increase your safety in the bathroom.


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