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power chairs or scooters in the snow

Power Chair or Scooter in the Snow

The time of year is back when getting around on wheels of any kind becomes a challenge.  Driving in the snow and ice takes patience and preparedness. This is also true with a power chair or scooter and you may be surprised how many similarities there actually are between the two. We have gathered some tips for operating your power chair or scooter in the snow.

-When batteries, whether on a car or power chair, are exposed to severe cold, they lose the capacity they once had to hold charge. In a car, a battery is a little better protected, but in a power chair or scooter, the battery is more exposed. It is important to know that at zero degrees, a battery on a power chair loses 60 percent of its charge. You can protect the battery by covering it to better insulate it and this will increase your battery’s life and protect it from the elements.

-Much like roads and driveways need to be properly maintained during snowy weather, outdoor ramps and walkways used by those riding power chairs or scooters also need to be addressed. Losing traction in a wheel chair can cause injuries and damage the chair. This can be avoided by clearing the snow away, and kept away by spreading salt or kitty litter to increase traction and keep the water on the path from refreezing.

-To prolong the life of your vehicle, it is good to clean regularly, but especially after being exposed to winter weather conditions. The salted roadways can cause rusting which can cause important parts to your car or power chair to erode. Cleaning off the car or the power chair will help maintain its protection and appearance by preventing rust and disrepair.

-Maintaining a comfortable body temperature is a challenge for those using a power chair or scooter outside because they are more exposed to the cold. Being inside a warm car means using the heat, which is not an option to those who are on a scooter. In this case, dressing properly is of the utmost importance. Layering clothing and making sure you have a waterproof coat and pants will greatly help.

-You also need to make sure there are proper tires on your power chair or scooter, just as you would make sure your car’s tires are able to perform safely in snowy weather.  Traction is a very important factor when operating a power chair or scooter in the snow.

When it comes to winter weather and its challenges, it is important to maintain your power chair or scooter by taking precautions against the snow, ice, and salt. Operating a power chair or scooter in the snow needs special attention during winter months in order to work better for longer. Please give us a call at 888-345-1780 if you have questions about using your power chair or scooter in the snow. If you or someone you know needs a help getting around, see if you qualify for a power chair or scooter through your insurance by filling out the qualify through insurance form.

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