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A power scooter is a great mobility option for those who want to stay active.

Why a Power Scooter Might Be the Best Option for You

There are many options out there in the world of mobility devices. However, power scooters have plenty of benefits that may suit your needs. But how do you decide if a power scooter is worth the investment? Take a look at these questions to help you make your decision.

Do you have the physical strength needed to operate a power scooter?

The Spitfire Scout 4 wheel power scooter is compact for travelA power scooter requires that you have the ability to sit upright for long periods of time. You must also have enough strength in your hands, wrists and arms to steer your scooter as well as operate the controls.

If you have a disability that limits your ability to sit upright, or even if you have complications with keeping your arms in a steering position for long periods of time, you may want to consider a power wheelchair over a scooter. Power wheelchair lines have a lot more flexibility in terms of options for steering and maneuvering around. The power scooter is made for people who  have some ability to walk on their own, but still need a bit of a boost for times when they feel fatigued or have to travel longer distances.

What amount of weight will the scooter have to carry?

All power scooters are not created equal. Some are designed to carry lighter loads while others are made for carrying heavier items. You must take into consideration your personal body weight. In addition, think about other items you must carry. This may include items like:

  • Oxygen tank
  • Heart monitor
  • Shopping bags
  • Laundry basket
  • Other personal items

Take a look at your current weight then add on the weight of the items you will carry on a regular basis. This will help you to decide on the weight capacity you should choose for your power scooter. If you are close to the weight capacity, it may be best to go up one size to ensure your comfort and the longevity of your power scooter.

What places will you use your power scooter?

The Scout Deluxe 3 Wheel Power Scooter is a great option for indoor use.For those of you who have some mobility with the use of a cane or walker around your home, you may want to consider a 3-wheel power scooter. This is ideal for running errands or going shopping. What users love most about 3-wheel scooters is that they are compact for travel. Some models even come apart for easy transport in the back of a car or other public transportation on a bus or airplane. The 3-wheel model is lightweight in comparison to the other models but can also give you a smooth ride on an even surface.

For those of you who want a further range of movement, you may want to consider a 4-wheel scooter. These often have a higher weight capacity and the 4 wheels provide more stability.

There are a number of things to consider when choosing the right power scooter for you. Take into consideration how and where you will be traveling and the weight your scooter will have to handle. This should give you some guidelines by which you can choose the scooter that will suit your needs.

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