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Getting Your Power Wheelchair Without Insurance

Power Wheelchair Troubleshooting

You’ve gone through the process of getting your new power wheelchair and have been using it for months (hopefully!). The chair is working great and suddenly, out of nowhere, you start having issues. Similar to a car, it’s not always necessary to have your chair looked at by a technician. Here are some easy tips that will hopefully get you moving again in no time:

Joystick Flashing

You go to turn on your power wheelchair and the joystick is flashing. You attempt to move your chair but it’s not going anywhere. This will happen anytime your device has an issue and it still has the power to light up the joystick. So why is the joystick flashing?

The joystick will flash to communicate to you what’s wrong with your chair. Whether it’s a simple battery issue or motor connection, there are different flash sequences that correspond with a certain issue. While different chairs have different codes, they are all similar. You should be able to find a section in your owner’s manual that details each flash sequence and what it means. So, if there is something simple wrong, like your joystick is locked, you can find that out by matching up the number of flashes with the correct issue and use your manual to unlock your joystick.

Common Issues

Some of the most common issues power wheelchair users experience are joystick lock ups, locked wheels, and battery charging. When the joystick locks, you can use your owner’s manual to unlock it; however, most models unlock by honking the horn and turning off the chair in different combinations.

If your chair won’t move because the wheels are locked, the chair should communicate this through a joystick flash code. If you’re not sure and your mobility aid isn’t moving, try adjusting the levers below the seat that act as a parking brake. They should be in the same position but different models require different positions for drive and park.

If your batteries are the issue, you should be able to diagnosis this through your joystick flash code. Once you’re sure it’s the batteries, it’s easy to purchase new batteries from a battery store like Batteries Plus, or to contact your power wheelchair supplier so they can attempt to get the battery replacement covered by your insurance company.


When your power wheelchair isn’t working correctly, it’s a scary feeling. To try and get your chair moving without involving a repair technician, your first step is to consult your owner’s manual to try and diagnose the issue. Is it something simple you can fix?  Great. If not, contact your power chair supplier and they should be able to repair your chair and may be able to get the repairs covered by your insurance.

Here‘s a link to the Aeroflow Healthcare Mobility website in the case that you have one of our power wheelchairs and need service. You can also contact one of our specially trained Mobility Representatives at 844-686-5539. We are happy to help you fix any issue you are having with your mobility device.


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