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Product Feature: Pride Jazzy Elite ES

By Brittany Laws

The Pride Jazzy Elite ES is the perfect chair for those who are looking for a versatile and elegant solution to immobility. It possesses great specification with a small base size, a tight turning radius, and a powerfully battery operated motor. Its sleek form has a width of only 23 inches and a length of 35 inches, allowing tight maneuverability. With that small base size, this chair is easily moved between furniture and through narrow hallways. With it’s turning radius of 24.75 inches The Jazzy Elite ES in suitable for any home.

The Jazzy Elite ES is customized from the ground up, equipped with two-motor, in-line, front- wheel drive, It’s powered by two 12 volt rechargeable batteries; battery charger included. The design on this chair is unique, and for some preferable to that of a standard looking power wheelchair. The narrow base that comes in your choice of either Jazzy Blue or Jazzy Red covers the electronics that power your Jazzy Elite ES.  This sophisticated piece of equipment allows you to get use of up to 15 miles off single a batter charge, when charged appropriately. It is front wheel drive, lead by two 9 inch solid tires with added 3 inch-anti tip wheels in-front to reduce the risk of tipping. The seat of this chair is attached to the base by single pole, allowing for an adjustable seat height, giving this chair its unique stylish appearance. Additionally, an adjustable seat height option will come in handy for those who need frequent access to counter tops for cooking or prefer to stay in the power wheelchair to eat meals at the dinning table. The comfort-high seat back provides support for your upper and lower back. Also included is a cushioned headrest which adds support for your head and neck. The support provided by the Jazzy Elite ES is essential for those who are seated in the Power wheelchair for long period of time. Controlled by a joystick attached to the armrest, the Jazzy Elite ES is manufactured for smooth maneuverability and control.

Along with being convenient for any type of home the Jazzy Elite ES also disassembles into two pieces without much difficulty. With a weight of 69lbs, the base is the heaviest component of the power wheelchair. Second is a 50lb seat, which includes the comfort-high seat back and head rest. Although not necessarily optimal for disassembly it is an accommodating option possessed by the Jazzy Elite ES.

The Jazzy Elite ES, according to Pride mobility, “delivers a reliable blend of Power, performance and style”. If you are having trouble with mobility, but felt that all power wheelchairs were big and bulky and maybe not the right fit for your home, hopefully you’ll give the Jazzy Elite ES a chance to prove it’s the chair for you. Please check out our Qualify Through Insurance form today to get started. We are excited to help you along your journey to improved mobility. Just call us at 888-345-1780 to speak with a mobility representative who can assist with any question you may have.

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