Product Feature: Drive Medical Scout Scooter

Drive Medical’s Spitfire Scout travel scooter is perfect for those who are consistently on the go. The Scout offers convenience and quality in a compact scooter. The safety features such as the anti-tip wheels; flat-free tires, and a rear reflector for better visibility make this scooter much safety than others on the market. You can visit the Drive Mobility website to find all details about the Scout scooter.

Why We Like It

The design of the Scout allows you to traverse on both indoor and outdoor environments with its small size and stable base unit. The Scout is easily broken into 5 pieces and the quick-connect batteries and folding seat allow you to transport all components of your four-wheel scooter with very little effort.

The heaviest piece is the base/tiller at 39 lbs. Four-wheel scooters generally provide you with a better center of balance and allow you to confidently make turns; the Scout is no different.

With its four non-marring tires, you do not need to worry about scuffing floors when using the device inside; using your device inside is a requirement of obtaining your device through insurance.

Key Specs

  • Maximum range of 16km (10 miles) on full battery charge.*
  • Comfortable lightweight seat which swivels 360°.
  • Removable battery pack with easy to carry handle & locking mechanism.
  • Top speed of 6.5kph (4mph)
  • On board and in-house charging as standard.
  • Automatic electromagnetic brake system.
  • Tool free height adjustable seat.
  • Delta Bars as standard.
  • Easy to change body panels.
  • Easy tiller adjustment.
  • Removable seat, fold down tiller and splits easily for storage & transportation.
  • Stylish silver wheel hubs.
  • Black punctures proof non-marking tyres.
  • Width adjustable armrests.
  • Front removable storage basket as standard.
  • Rear anti-tip wheels as standard.
  • Weight capacity 300lbs
  • Battery pack 12V12AH x 2 or 12V20AH x 2.
  • Heaviest Piece: 39 lbs.
  • Weight: 94 lbs.

Qualify Through Insurance

Aeroflow Healthcare proudly offers the Scout to our patients and it is available through insurance or patient-pay options. If you have trouble moving around within your home and are in need of an assistive mobility device, Aeroflow can help you qualify for your device at little-to-no cost to you through insurance.

The first step is to set up an appointment with your healthcare provider for a mobility assessment. Once your physician determines a medical  necessity for your power scooter, you can simply complete Aeroflow’s Qualify Through Insurance form and let our Patient Care Representatives take care of the rest.

If you have questions regarding your mobility or qualifying through insurance, feel free to give Aeroflow Healthcare a call today at 844-686-5539; we’re here to help!