Knee Braces


If you are suffering from knee pain, a knee brace may be right for you. Aeroflow Healthcare provides clinically proven knee braces by Inverse Technology to meet your medical needs.

The most popular knee brace is the Protonics Neuromuscular Repositioning System (HCPC E1812, E1811), providing a fully customizable experience.  This knee brace is available in three pre-fabricated sizes (small, medium, and large), two lengths (short and regular), custom to measurements, and custom to cast.  This patient friendly, easy to use knee brace increases flexion and extension range of motion all while reducing the risk of micro-tears to soft tissue and the inflammation they cause.

Overuse of the hip flexors, forward pelvic rotation, and internal rotation of the femur are among the many precursors that can lead to knee pain and instability.

If you suffer from knee pain and instability, we can help. We are able to bill Medicare, some state Medicaid, and most private insurances. CLICK HERE to see if you qualify.