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5 Tips to Keep Your Scooter or Wheelchair In Great Shape

Think about the level of freedom your power scooter or wheelchair brings you on a day to day basis. Where would you be without it? Your scooter or wheelchair helps you maneuver around the house and assists you with running errands. It even helps you to connect with your family and friends so that you don’t miss out on those important events in life.

Your power scooter or wheelchair lets you go the distance each day. It only makes sense that we learn how to maintain the parts to ensure that we get as many years of maneuverability out of it as possible. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your scooter or wheelchair.

Tip #1: Become familiar with the user manual.

This sounds obvious, but many people forget to familiarize themselves with the user manual. The purpose of the user manual is to give you the manufacturer’s instructions on how to operate that version of your scooter or wheelchair. Each brand may have several models that all run differently from the next one. Rather than just assume that they all work the same, take the time to ensure that you learn the rules of operation that are specific to the brand and model you own.

Tip #2: Learn how to check your tires.Checking your tire pressure is an important part of wheelchair maintenance.

Your tires are one of the most important pieces of your scooter or wheelchair. The tire pressure is what helps to make the tires last as long as possible. If your tires have too much air, you run the risk of ruining the inner structure of your tires. If the tires don’t have enough air, the tires may crack and be more difficult to maneuver. Your user manual should give instructions on how to check your tire pressure.

Tip #3: Clean your scooter or wheelchair often.

Be sure to check your scooter or wheelchair for excess debris, dust, or dirt and wipe it away using a damp cloth. This is particularly important when you use your device to go outdoors where there is greater exposure to dirt and other pollutants that can quickly gather around the wheels and battery area and can cause a problem. Cleaning your power scooter will ensure all the parts are working properly.

Tip #4: Maintain your battery.

Aside from your tires, your battery is the most important part of your scooter or wheelchair. Be familiar with your battery type and how long it can go before needing to be recharged. Check your user manual or ask the company about the maintenance schedule and make sure that you stay in compliance.

Tip #5: Keep your scooter or wheelchair away from excess moisture.

Getting caught in the rain or even storing your scooter or wheelchair in a damp space can be a problem for your mobility device. If you store your device in a garage or carport, be sure to invest in a weather resistant tarp and properly cover it.

Learning how to maintain your scooter or wheelchair is important for the longevity of your device. The more familiar you are with how it operates, the better you pay attention to routine maintenance, the more use you will get out of it.

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