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Speeding Up The Process of Getting Your Mobility Aid Through Insurance

Speeding Up The Process of Getting Your Mobility Device Through Insurance

Whether you’re in the middle of trying to get a power chair covered by insurance or have only researched it, you’ve probably realized it’s a process. A majority of the process is in your doctor’s hands. As a supplier, Aeroflow Healthcare is here to move the paperwork between the doctor and insurance company and to make sure we communicate with you about which power wheelchairs are a fit for you. Your doctor provides the documentation and support to provide the insurance company with enough evidence to help cover the chair. If their documentation is incorrect, your chair will not be covered.

Below are some quick tips to help you speed up the process, or your doctor’s office.

Has your MD done this before?

Doctors are your best ally when it comes to maintaining your health.  They have the knowledge and experience to help you maintain your quality of life for as long as possible. However, if your doctor has never documented a mobility evaluation to help a patient get a power chair then it can take some time for them to get the paperwork ready for the insurance company. To prevent this, ask your doctor’s nurse or medical assistant if your doctor has prior experience with power wheelchairs. If they do, great! If not, request that the nurse or MD contacts your supplier ahead of time to go over the requirements. If the office does not like this idea then ask your supplier to reach out to the office.  Also, when you’re at the visit, make sure your doctor reads the paperwork and completes it in its entirety.

Office Manager

If your doctor’s office isn’t moving the paperwork fast enough, you can contact the office manager.  If this is not an option on the office directory, ask the receptionist. It’s never fun to go over someone’s head, but if you need a power wheelchair, you need help walking and that’s important. Make sure you are polite and professional and only contact the office manager if the office has taken several weeks to complete the paperwork.

Is your doctor onboard?

A delay in the process can be when your doctor isn’t clear about whether or not they support you getting the equipment. If your doctor seems iffy at the appointment, ask them to honestly tell you if they think you need the equipment. If they don’t agree with you getting the equipment, they might not complete your paperwork and request that your supplier makes the call. This can cause you to wait eagerly for a chair you’re never going to get, so ask them to be candid with you from the start.

Communicate with your supplier

Aeroflow is there to help get your chair covered by insurance and they want to get you a chair as fast as possible. Our job is to help facilitate this process so feel free to contact your Patient Care Representative periodically. Your representative knows firsthand what the insurance requires and it’s their job to stay up-to-date with insurance requirements, so trust your Aeroflow Healthcare and encourage your physician’s office to trust and communicate with us as well.


Communication, communication, communication and patience. Getting a power wheelchair can be a process, but if you communicate with Aeroflow and the doctor’s office the way this article suggests, you should have no issue getting a chair in a timely manner.

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