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Winter Weather and Your Power Chair

Chill is in the air. Christmas music is playing on the radio and your breath is visible. Its winter time and your main concern might be just to stay warm. Well bundle up and read on, because if you have a power chair and it’s freezing outside, there are some important things to know.

Keep your chair inside
So you know not to keep your chair in any kind of weather other than sunny and seventy-five. However, time and time and again we receive calls where individuals have electronic issues with their batteries and/or joystick. A lot of these calls come in the winter months. Coincidence? I’m afraid not. Cold weather, especially under thirty-two degrees, can cause electronic issues with your chair. Before you panic, your power chair is fine with short term exposure to cold weather; you just don’t want to store your chair outside in the winter months.

Check the weather
While strenuous outside use is never recommended for your power chair, it’s perfectly okay for light outdoor use on even, smooth surfaces. That being said, even and smooth surfaces can be dangerous in the winter months. So check the weather channel before you head outside with your power chair in the winter months. Any moisture on sidewalks and roads will be icy in below freezing temperatures so pay attention to the weather report and plan your trips accordingly.

Have a backup plan
If you have to go out in questionable weather make sure to have a backup plan if things get slick. A good idea is to have a relative or friend who can pick you up if the weather turns severe. As mentioned previously, it’s best to stay in if the weather is questionable, but realistically you’ll have errands and appointments to get to in the winter months so just make sure to commit to extra planning to compensate.

Charge your chair
Some individuals don’t use their power chairs as much in the winter months. If this is you, then just make sure to charge your chair at least a few times a week. This may sound strange, since you’re not using the chair as much, but if you don’t charge your chair at least a few times a week you could find yourself with a dead battery when spring rolls around. If you plan on storing your power chair for the winter, be sure to store it in a dry, temperature controlled room.

If your power chair is having issues you can contact a mobility representative at 888-345-1780 or simply fill out our contact form and we will get the issues resolved. Make sure you’re not storing your chair in cold temperatures during the winter months (yes, I’m talking to you Michiganians), always check the weather and have a plan, and another plan, and a backup plan for your last plan and, well you get the idea.

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